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My best friend and I had the opportunity to go to a Moms' Night Out movie screening last night.  We had the best time.  As you can see from the pictures, we had a moms' night out of our own!  We enjoyed dinner and drinks at Ruby Tuesday before walking over to the movie theater to watch Moms' Night Out.  It is a hilarious feel good movie with a great message.  We could relate to almost everything in the movie and laughed the entire time.  This movie is not just for the ladies.  My husband will relate to what the dads in the movie were going through while their wives were out "unplugging"!  I cannot wait to see it with my husband.  

I picked up a new term... stress paralyzed.  Have you ever found yourself so stressed out that you are paralyzed and you have to regroup before moving onto the next task?  I cannot wait to see my family's reaction when I tell them that I cannot do something, because I am #stressparalyzed! :-)  I highly recommend this movie to everyone.  It's a great excuse to get out with your girlfriends for a moms' night out.

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Moms' Night Out will be in theaters on May 9, 2014, Mother's Day Weekend!  Check out the Moms' Night Out movie trailer.  

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