Make Your Own Foaming Dish Soap

I was never able to go back to regular dish soap after trying Dawn Foaming Dish Soap.  It is so much easier to wash dishes with foaming dish soap and it lasts a lot longer.  I picked up a two bottles of Method Dish Soap at Target during their last deal.  I love the scent, but really preferred foaming soap, so I decided to try to make my own.  Guess what... it works and it works really well!  This is so much cheaper than buying refills.  

Here's the recipe for foaming dish soap: 

Note: You do have to have a foaming soap bottle to get started.  

  • Regular Dish Soap
  • Water 

- Fill the foaming dish soap bottle 1/3 of the way to the fill line.
- Fill the remaining 2/3 of the bottle with water.
- Shake gently.

Wah Lah... you have homemade foaming dish soap!

Use an empty foaming dish soap bottle and regular dish soap.

Add regular dish soap 1/3 of the way up to the fill line.

I went a little over, but that's fine!

Add water to the remaining 2/3 of the bottle. 
Put the top back on and shake gently.

Homemade Foaming Dish Soap!

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Anonymous said...

So it is all in the dispenser,right?

Maria@SavingQueen said...

Yes, it is a dispenser, but it is a "foaming" dispenser that turns the diluted liquid soap into foam. You can do the same thing with the foaming hand soap dispensers after you have used it all.

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