April Fool's Day Pranks

I am a huge prankster, so I plan on pulling a few pranks on my family this April Fool's Day!  

Last year, I made this normal looking chicken and rice dish.

My family had no idea what they were about to dig into!  I had purchased chicken feet in the meat department at my local grocery store earlier that day.  I boiled them to ensure that they were thoroughly cooked, put a few in each bowl and placed the chicken and rice on top of them.  This is what they found at they bottom of the bowl:

 My kids thought it was hilarious!  My husband thought he was going to vomit (luckily he didn't!).

Here's a great gag lunch idea from Family Fun

Open a bag of cheese curls or cheese puffs, remove the snack and replace it with carrots and an April Fool's note!  Then dig a small hole in an apple and stuff it with a gummy worm!

You can also fool them with "gelled juice": 

Mix a packet of Jello as you normally would, pour it in a drinking glass, insert a drinking straw and put it in the refrigerator to set.  Serve it to your unsuspecting target as juice!

Here are a few others that you can try out on your April Fool's Day victims: 
  • Toothbrush: Rub Ora-gel on your victims toothbrush.
  • Car: Turn on all of your victims car settings up to the maximum setting... heat, radio volume and windshield wipers!
  • Cell Phone: Change the cell phone language to Arabic or Chinese. 
  • Tinted Milk: Tint your milk with a few drops of food coloring to surprise your kids.  It's perfectly safe to drink. 
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