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I am giving away a Fiber One cereal gift pack that includes 5 boxes of Fiber One cereal (Original, Honey Clusters, Raisin Bran Clusters, Caramel Delight, and Shredded Wheat ) on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 on my Facebook Fan Page  

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In addition, you can click here and print a coupon for $0.75 off the purchase of any (1) Fiber One cereal.

Do you struggle to incorporate fiber into your everyday life? If so, you are not alone! Nine out of 10 Americans aren´t getting enough fiber - an alarming statistic, considering how important fiber is for overall health. 

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans say people should consume 25-38 grams of fiber daily, and that the average American consumes only 15 grams. What´s amazing is that incorporating fiber into your diet can be effortless and definitely delicious, with Fiber One cereals offering at least 30 percent of the Daily Value per serving. (Some Fiber One cereals offer more than 50 percent!) Fiber One Original® and flavored varieties like Honey Clusters®, Raisin Bran Clusters®, Caramel Delight®, and Shredded Wheat®, make fiber taste good and help to give people a jumpstart on their fiber intake each day.

A recent nutrition review* concludes that eating fiber is associated with reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. In addition, fiber helps you feel satisfied, which makes it easier to stick to your diet and lose weight without feeling as hungry.

Outlined below are intriguing statistics from a recent survey** you took part in, along with over 1,000 fellow bloggers:

  • 30 percent thought they were getting the recommended Daily Value of fiber
  • 66 percent say they struggle to incorporate fiber into their diets
  • 51 percent said that they don´t think about incorporating fiber into their diet, while 21 percent said fiber is too difficult to find in foods they enjoy
  • 45 percent said they would like their fiber to come with honey
Let your taste buds be your guide and let Fiber One take care of the fiber. Getting fiber in foods you love does not have to be a struggle when there are delicious honey clusters, plump and juicy raisins, caramel-flavored whole wheat squares, or whole grain shredded wheat biscuits with frosting that make it taste amazing. 

Disclosure: Fiber One sponsored this giveaway by providing me with the prize pack, information and additional prize pack for the winner through MyBlogSparkTM. I did not receive any other compensation from MyBlogSpark for reviewing these products. 

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