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With Mother’s Day quickly approaching us, I pose this question:  What is the best advice your mother ever gave to you about parenting?  What did yours teach you (either when you were little or a mom yourself!) that you’re grateful to know today?  Here’s my answer:
One of the greatest lessons that I learned from my mom is to let my children be themselves. Growing up, my mom let my sister and I choose our own paths and never tried to change our personal preferences. She let us choose colors or flavors that might not have been her first choice, but ours. This carried on into my teenage years when I chose to take up cosmetology at the vo-tech center in my high school and then to my choice of Information Technology when I enrolled in college. She always allowed me to explore my interests.

I am the type of person that could have the tendency to steer my kids in one direction or another when it comes to their choices, such as choosing the color of a new shirt or their choice of a kid’s meals at a restaurant. I learned from my mother’s actions that I could possibly hinder my child’s sense of self, if I make all of their decisions for them or steer them towards my preferences.

I was at the Disney Social Media Moms conference a few weeks ago and one of the speakers, Fran Capo (the world's fastest talking woman, author and comedienne), was telling a story about her son’s book report assignment. The book report was based on “What was the author thinking when he wrote this book”. Her son said let’s call the author and find out! She was about to say no we can’t do that, but then she thought about it and said why not! They ended up calling the author and getting an interview to find out what he was thinking when he wrote the book. The teacher was shocked when he turned it in, because in all of the years that she had been assigning that book report, not one single person had ever thought to call the author. Her point was that kids think anything is possible and as we get older we limit our options due to unspoken rules or rejections that we experience throughout life.

The next time you are working with your child on a project or planning an outing, stop and listen. Their ideas might actually be better than yours! They might even have an idea that you would have never thought of. Expose your children to as much as you can and let them choose their paths. If your husband played football growing up, this does not that mean your son has to or if your daughter wants to play flag football, why not? If you are a lawyer or a doctor, great, but that may not be the most fulfilling career for your child. You may like a green pillow and they like a blue one. Would it really hurt to let them choose the blue one? If you have a tendency to make decisions for your children, try stepping back and allowing your children to explore and create a sense of self based on their inner feelings, creative minds and abilities.

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