Angry Birds Rio - FREE App on Amazon App Store for Android users

If you have played Angry Birds before, then you're probably hooked.  If not, then be prepared to get hooked on this addicting game!  It has been available for FREE on the Android Marketplace for several months now for Android smartphone and tablet users.  The Apple App Store charges a small fee for this game. 

The much anticipated new Angry Birds Rio version has been released on the new Amazon App Store for Android.  Here is a link to the new Angry Birds Rio and a list of all of the FREE apps that are currently available on Amazon's App Store.  Amazon requires you to download their app for their App Store in order to access and download apps from there.  To promote their new App Store, Amazon is offering a different Paid app for FREE each day, so make check back often.

While I was waiting for the new Angry Birds to come out, I found another game that can be very addicting!  It is called WordFeud FREE.  Essentially, it is a Scrabble game that you can play with people from all over the world.  You can build a friend list and request to play a game with a friend at any given time.  My kids even get in on the fun and play against me from their dad's phone.  WordFeud gives you the capability to communicate with your opponent via a chat feature.  I have had up to 30 games going at one time.  I was a little impatient at first when some of my opponents took hours to make a move!  I learned that the more games you have going, the better.  There are notifications that you can setup, so will be notified when it is your turn.  Each player has up to 72 hours to make a move.  If they do not make a move, they are automatically resigned from the game.  WordFeud FREE is available in the standard Android Marketplace and Amazon's App Store.

What are some of your favorite games or apps? 

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