One of My Favorite Websites and The Start of My Running Journey

I want to share one of my favorite websites with you. I think you will like it too! converts YouTube videos to MP3 audio files that you can download FREE of charge! You don't even have to sign up to use their services. Just enter a YouTube URL/website link and their website will turn the audio part of the video into MP3 file.

To make it easier, open two windows... one window with and one with Search for songs on that you want to convert to MP3 files for playback on your computer or MP3 player. Copy the URL, go back to the window and paste the URL into the text box. After you hit "Go" the conversion process takes less than a minute with a high speed Internet connection. Then click on "Download" and save the file to your computer.

I decided to start running. I have always been a runner (in my head!), but I know that doesn't count. Let me tell you, there is a big difference between envisioning it and actually doing it. It was so much harder than I thought it would be. To prepare, I spent hours on YouTube and creating a playlist for my first run.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even make it through the first song! I came back home and fell on the floor with my head next to the cool air blowing from the air conditioning vent. I laid there until I could gain enough strength to pick myself up. I took yesterday off and I am going to give it another try tonight, despite the fact that I felt like I was going to die and my legs are still aching! Everyone keeps telling me that it only gets easier. I hope they are right! Pin It now!

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