Dr. Pepper - Two Coupons Available for Print

Click here and look on the right side and/or the bottom of the page for the pictured Dr. Pepper links. Click on either link to print the Dr. Pepper Target Store Coupons.

If you do not see the coupons, just keep hitting the refresh button until these coupons appear on the right of the page. Note: I am using the 20603 zip code and I was able to view and print both. For the second one I had to hit the refresh button about 5 times for it to come up. I also switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer, because the coupons were loading faster in Internet Explorer.
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Marcie Blevins said...

Says I printed it, but never have :(

Maria@SavingQueen said...

Hi Marcie,

Send me an e-mail to me at mariamstrong@gmail.com and I will get the coupons to you.


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