FREE Personalized Photo Mousepad for Facebook Fans

ArtsCow is offering up FREE Personalized Photo Mousepad for Facebook Fans!   You have to have at least 50 friends on Facebook and you have to post it to your wall via the link or you will not receive the coupon code.  They are giving away 2,000 FREE Mousepads a day.

Click here to connect to Facebook and post this deal on your wall.  Then you will receive the coupon code immediately.  Follow the link, create your mousepad, add it to your shopping cart and enter your coupon code.  Valid through July 26, 2010. Pin It now!


Chef Bec said...

I just ordered mine. It was SO easy and SO much fun! Says it will take about 10 days to come, so I'll let you know how it looks when I get it!
TIP: If the picture you want to use isn't the right size, you can resize it with a program like Microsoft Paint.

Maria@SavingQueen said...

That is great news! If you choose "custom collage", you can resize your picture within their program.

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