Printable Coupons and Walmart's Coupon Policy

Walmart is now starting to offer printable manufacture coupons.  You can use these coupons at any store, because they are manufactures' coupons.  My favorite has to be the $2 Carvel Ice Cream Cake coupon!

Click here to print $2 Carvel Ice Cream Cake

Click here to print a coupon for $2 off of Schick Disposable RazorsNote: Walmart has a 12 pack of Disposable Schick Razors priced at $1.97.  You should be able to get this pack for free with the above coupon.

FYI: Click here to print Walmart's coupon policy, just in case you run into any problems when trying to use your printable coupons, like I did.  Last week I was told by 5 Walmart employees, including the customer service manager, that I could not use Internet/printable coupons at Walmart.  Unfortunately, I did not have their policy with me.  I faxed it to the customer service manager when I got home, hoping that this would prevent other customers at my local store from experiencing this same problem and I sent an e-mail to their corporate office.  I plan on carrying their policy with me on my next trip to Walmart.

UPDATE:  I received a phone call from my local Walmart store today.  Apparently, the corporate office called my local store to inform them that they DO take Internet/printable coupons!  The lady that I spoke with assured me that I would not have any problems with my Internet/printable coupons in the future. Pin It now!

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