New Man Tested Recipes Website

I have relied on for over 10 years as my favorite source of great user-tested recipes.  I search for recipes, then I sort them by rating.  I have a tendancy to only try the recipes that have 41/2 to 5 stars.  It actually works, because every highly rated recipe that I have tried has been excellent.  Allrecipes believes that men deserve their own recipe forum, so they launched their new social food site,!

From a press is a social site dedicated to male cooks; a virtual man-cave where men can talk about food, post and comment on recipes, voice their opinion about cooking methods and find recipes for anything from a backyard barbeque or tailgate party to a satisfying family feast. ManTestedRecipes is offering anyone who submits a recipe from March 8 through April 30 the chance to win a $500 cash prize in the ManTestedRecipes Dude Food Contest.
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