I Just Saved $360 with 1 Phone Call!

Let me give you a little history. I was a Comcast customer (cable & Internet) until Verizon came through my neighborhood and dug up my yard to lay their new high tech fiber optic cables. I still have a bare patch in my yard! They had an offer for new subscribers that I could not resist... a $150 Visa Gift card. I called Verizon and scheduled my installation. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that they were charging me for a box for every television in my household. Without the box, you cannot watch television, so you have very little choice! Note to Verizon: Comcast does not charge for that box.

I now have more channels than I know what to do with! I think I have over 1,000 channels. Who watches that much t.v.? By the time I finish scanning through all of the channels, I have had enough television for the week! I get the most use out of my instantaneous connection to the world's largest network, the Internet. Now, if only my computer could keep up with every click of the mouse and tap of the keyboard! Note to self: It's time to give in and purchase a new desktop computer!

Back to how I saved $360 with one phone call. In order to receive the $150 Visa gift card, I had to sign a 2 year contract with Verizon for $109/month for Telephone, Internet and Cable. That was fine with me, until I received an ad for $79.99/month for new customers only! The postcard sized advertisement sat on my desk and haunted me for a few weeks until I decided to pick up the phone and do something about it.

That brings me to my conversation. Here is how it went:

Me: I received an ad for $79.99/month and would like to know if I can get my monthly price adjusted.
Verizon: No, that is for new customers only.
Me: I saw a Comcast commercial offering a $150 gift card to new customers.
Verizon: Did you say that you were thinking about going to Comcast?
Me: Yes, I .... (interrupted)
Verizon: Please hold, I am transferring you to the retention department.
Verizon: Hello, how can I help you.
Me: I would like to have my bill adjusted to reflect your new $79.99/month deal.
Verizon: That is for new customers only. We are willing to reduce your bill $10/month.
Me: Can I go to Comcast for 1 month and come back as a new Verizon customer?
Verizon: You will have to pay a $179.99 cancellation fee for leaving.
Me: That is fine, because Comcast is offering a $150 gift card that will make up for that. Then I might come back as a new customer for the $79.99/month deal.
Verizon: Alright, I will change your monthly fee to $79.99 for 1 year.
Me: THANK YOU! :-)

There it is. I saved $30/month, which is $360/year! Service providers are willing to compete for your business. Do not hesitate to call and try to renegotiate your contract.
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Kasie said...

LOL Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT story Maria! We signed up last spring for the phone and internet FIOS, they hadnt approved the tv at that time for the area. Of course they had great deals then! So then Tv is advertised in the area and they were back to the $109/mth deal yet just prior to that I had seen the $99/mth deals so I said it isnt worth it lets hold off, so we did and just got in under the most recent deal for 99/mth. Of course now they are offering it for 89/mth! But we got the deal where instead of getting the $50 gift card (we already got $100 with the phone and internet so they only give $50 additional) we could get $30 off a month for 6 mths and are getting a free multiroom DVR for 3 mths plus $5/mth for signing up online. Add to that, my parents have FIOS so we went under their referral, so they are getting $50 and so are we! It is VERY tricky navigating all these deals for sure! I will be sure to keep this in the back of my head in a year or so when there is another great deal and my prices have re-set! I wonder when all these companies will wise up about the smart consumers!

Maria@SavingQueen said...

Janet, I was not aware of the $50 referral fee. That is a great deal. I agree, it is tricky navigating all of these deals, but well worth it in the end!

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