Wendy's, Burger King & McDonald's Coupon Booklets

Wendy's, Burger King and McDonald's are offering Halloween coupon booklets full of money saving coupons. These coupon booklets are only available at participating stores in select regions.
$1 coupon booklets with 10 coupons for a FREE Jr. Frosty! Valid from 11/1/09 to 2/1/10

Burger King
$1 coupon booklets with 8 coupons for FREE value size fries. Valid from 10/01/09 to 12/31/09
$1 coupon booklets with 12 coupons - 4 FREE Apple Dippers- 4 FREE Small Cones- 4 FREE Apple Juice or Milk Jugs
Click on a link below to locate a store near you and call before visiting your local fast food restaurant.
Click here to locate a Wendy's near you.
Click here to locate a Burger King near you.
Click here to locate a McDonald's near you.
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