Softsoap Money-maker at Target!

Target is running an unadvertised money-making gift card promotion on the purchase of Softsoap until Saturday, July 13th. When you buy 2 Softsoap Ensemble Packs packs, you will get a $5 Target gift card. This is how you do it:

Buy 2 Softsoap Ensembles Value Packs: $12 ($6/each) NOTE: The Softsoap Ensembles on the soap aisle were ringing up $5.99 and were not eligible for this offer. The same soap (single starter soap and twin pack refill) was on the inner end cap with a sign advertising the promotion was ringing up $6 and was eligible for this promotion. Be sure to scan the soap.
-Use 2 $2 printable Target coupons CLICK HERE
-Use 2 $2 printable manufacturer coupons CLICK HERE
Pay $4 and get back a $5 Target gift card at checkout
Final cost = FREE, plus a $1 money-maker!

If your store doesn’t have this gift card deal tagged, you can confirm this by scanning the items on the price scanners located throughout the stores. When you do so, in addition to the price you will see a special notice stating that this item qualifies for the gift card deal. You will receive a $5 Target gift card if you buy 2 of either of the following:
- Softsoap Ensembles Base
- 2 pack of the Ensembles Refill
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imamomnquilter said...

Has anyone tried this?? Is this a regional deal? I could not find it at my Target in Oklahoma. The only Soft Soap deal they had going on was with 2-pk bottles of bodywash, $6 ea, buy 2 get $5 gift card, but I cannot find qs to make it a MM. :(

Maria said...

I am posting a picture of what the end cap at my store looks like. Do you have a Target nearby that you can check? You may want to try calling another Target and ask to speak to someone in that department to see if they have it before driving out there.

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