Schwan's - Bomb Pops (18 ct) for a TOTAL of $1.19 Delivered

I just ordered a box of Bomb Pops (18 count) for a total of $1.19 from Schwan's! This price included shipping, tax and the delivery fee. This would have cost me about $50, if I had bought these for my kids from the ice cream man over the next several weeks! A box of Bomb Pops costs $5.19. Use the following promotional code: D5

Hurry! They are selling out fast in various zip codes. Click here to order your box of 18 Bomb Pops for $1.19. Here is a copy of my order summary from the order that I just placed:

Order Summary

- $5.00
Delivery Fee:
Sales Tax:
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~ Lisa ~ said...

Thanks, SavingQueen for this deal. I just placed my order and I blogged about it on Treasures of Saving$ @

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say THANKS! That was an awesome deal! Good find. :) I just found your blog and am very happy I did.

Maria said...

You're welcome! I am glad that you found me.

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