FREE Red Box Rental Today - Monday, June 1 + New Customer Codes

RedBox free rental code for today, Monday, June 1, 2009: FM63H7. If you have never used any of the following codes, they can be used any day, one time per a credit card:

Why RedBox?
Why pay $4-$5 at your local movie rental store when RedBox only charges $1 for newly released movies. If you return the movie by 9pm the next day you are only charged $1. If not, you are charged and additional $1 per a day until the movie is returned or $25 if you never return it. I love the fact that RedBox movies can be returned to any RedBox machine in the U.S. This works out great when we travel. We have a DVD player in our vehicle, so when we go on trips, we rent a RedBox movie locally and return it to the location that we travel to or along the way.

Locations and Availability:
You can search for RedBox locations before leaving for your trip on You can also check the availability of all of their movies at each location and reserve movies on their website. When you reserve a movie online, you actually go through the checkout process. When you arrive at the RedBox, swipe your credit card and your movie will come right out. Note: You cannot use promo codes if you reserve your movie online. In Waldorf, Maryland you can find RedBox machines in Giant Food, Shopper's Food Warehouse and Walmart. Some areas have them located in Walgreens and McDonalds. Check for RedBox locations in your area.

Where do I start?
Renting from Redbox is easy. You walk up to the ATM-like machine, press the “Rent DVD” button, pick the DVD you want to rent, add it to your "cart", add the promo code (if applicable), press "Check Out" and swipe your credit card and the movie is dispensed. You can enter your e-mail address if you want to receive a receipt. When you want to return the movie, go back to ANY Redbox location, press the “Return DVD” button and enter the DVD in the slot.

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