Triple your coupons (up to 99¢) at Shoppers Food Warehouse through Sunday, May 17th

Shoppers Food Warehouse will triple your manufacturer coupons up to 99¢ through Sunday, May 17th. Shoppers is known for their low prices to begin with and now you can get up to $2.97 off each item with a 99¢ manufacturer coupon. You are going to be able to purchase many items for little to nothing! Go through your coupons and take advantage of this great deal. This is the time to get out all of your high value coupons up to 99¢! You can use an unlimited amount of manufacturer coupons up to 99¢ each. I just checked with my local store in Waldorf, MD and they are participating in this promotion. Please click here to find out if your local Shopper's is participating. Click here to view and print a variety of manufacturer coupons. Coupon scenarios:

- 75¢ coupon = $2.25 off
- 99¢ coupon = $2.97off

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