Old Navy Printable Coupons - up to $75 off $100 is doing things different this week . They are now resetting their coupons throughout the week. In the past, they only reset them once a week at midnight. Well, now you have the chance to cash in on their high dollar coupons without having to stay up until midnight on Thursday night/Friday morning. They reset their website around 9am (PST) this morning with more coupons. I have listed the coupon locations and a few tips for you. Check back daily for resets. They list which coupons are still available and which ones are no longer available.

Coupon Locations:

$75 off $100 - After several minutes (ranging from 3-6 minutes, do not refresh your screen), a quiz will come up on the right hand side of your screen. You will have 1 minute to enter your answers. Otherwise, you will have to wait another 3-6 minutes for the quiz to come up again.
Answers to the quiz:
1) Wesley
2) Wilma's Wearables
3) Barker

30% off coupon - On the bottom right, move the guy's head to the mannequin with no head (to his left)

$5 off $25 - In the bottom picture of the girls, take the girl on the left with the pink striped shirt and move her drink umbrella to the blond girl's hair (next to her), right in front of her ear to make a flower.

$10 off $50 - In the top picture with 4 people, click on the popcorn several times to get a $10 off $50 coupon to appear.

$15 off $75 - In the top picture, click on the maroon shirt on the guy and it will change to white. Then click on the yellow and white striped shirt on the girl and it will turn into a blue striped shirt.

$5 off when you buy a pair of kids shorts and adult shorts - On the left picture, click on the frisbee in the dog's mouth.

Tip: Use your "Tab" button (above the Caps lock) and you will see the locations of most of the coupons!

Click here to visit Don't forget to check back at different times, because they are resetting them throughout the week.
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