KFC coupons are no longer being accepted - rain checks are being issued

I had a feeling something was going to be done about the longs lines KFC has been experiencing every day since they released their free grilled chicken meal coupon. Obviously, they ending up getting a lot more attention than they bargained for. They are no longer accepting it the free coupons that we all printed out. You can bring your coupon into the store and request a raincheck that you will receive in the mail at a later date. The raincheck will also include a coupon for a free Pepsi from KFC. For more details and to hear a message from KFC's president click here. Fortunately, I was able to get 4 meals with this coupon earlier this week. I will turn in my other 4 coupons for a rain check. I feel that KFC should have thought this out and planned it better before releasing this promotion.
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