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Become a friend and fan of iTunes on FaceBook and get 10 free downloads from the Spring Into Summer Mix. Click here to become a fan on FaceBook. If you do not have iTunes yet, click here to open a free iTunes account. Then enter your free music code provided by the FaceBook fan page and your download will start automatically! While you are there, click here to join the SavingQueen FaceBook group.

You can get even more free songs from eMusic's free trial offer. eMusic is offering a free 7 day trial. Get your 25 free songs and cancel your free trial before it expires and you will not be charged anything (mark your calendars so you will not forget!). Note: After you cancel your free trial you will be offered either a discounted rate or a high number of more free downloads. It is up to you if you decide whether you stay or not. Click the image below to get started.

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