Burt Bee's "Burt" Day Celebration - Giving away 1,00 LIP BALMS a day starting at 9am

Starting May 27th at 9am, Burt's Bees is hosting a Burt Day Celebration to mark their 25th Birthday. Click here to sign-up for the Hive now and you'll be notified when the fun begins! This event is planned to start at 9 am on May 27, 2009 on their website (click here). They are giving away 25,000 LIP BALMS!! Be sure to RSVP, so you will be notified at the start time! UPDATE: Burt's Bees is offering 1,000 coupons per day, starting at 9am EST until 12pm EST (6am-9am PST). You have to be one of the first 1,000 people to request a coupon that day. This will take place for the next 25 days. There is a limit of one per household (US & Puerto Rico). Pin It now!

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