Old Navy printable 50% off one item coupon - limited number of coupons

Old Navy printable 50% off one item coupon.
There are a limited number of coupons, so act fast. Click on and Vote for "best legs" on the mannequins, all stars must turn blue. Wait 15 seconds to a few minutes for a kite to appear, and click on it. Print your coupon or email it to yourself for in-store use. Note: The kite will fly by in the middle picture of the 5 mannequins. Be quick... you have to click on it as soon as you see it starting to fly by. It will start on the left side of the middle picture (next to the mannequin with the purple shirt). I refreshed the page and waited it for it again. Great deal to get started on your spring shopping! I am going to redeem one for each member of our family. The coupons are valid from 4/3/09-4/9/09.
UPDATE: The 50% coupon is no longer available. Here are others that may still be available when you read this post:
- $25 off $50 - Put the kids burger (right picture) in the guy's open hand open hand (on the left side of the screen )
-$45 off $100 by answering the trivia question that appears by clicking on vote best legs. the answer is amy.
- 40% off one item - click the BBQ food and then steam comes off of it, click that- $45 off $100
- click the vote for best legs banner in the center pic
- 20% off item - Click the Frisbee
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Supermodelquin said...

Hello Maria,

We recently caught your post on the weekly coupon offerings from Old Navy and wanted to keep you updated on the latest money-saving coupons awaiting on starting Friday. The big savings have returned to the coupon hunt, with $50 and $75 coupons back. They’re in great hiding places, so put on your most stylish hunting gear and make one of those sweet coupons yours!

Happy Hunting,

John A.
Brand Advocate for Old Navy

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