FREE Interactive Potty Training DVD from Pull-Ups

If your kids are still having accidents in the middle of the night, you can feel my pain. I am still spending money each month on Pull-Ups. I would much rather buy Pull-Ups than deal with my boys waking me up at 2am to tell me that they wet their bed. Researchers say that bed wetting is hereditary. My husband did not wet the bed, so I have to take the blame for passing on my “bed wetting” genes! Fortunately, I grew out of it by the time I finished elementary school. I can only hope for the same for my kids! Click here to receive a FREE Interactive Potty Training DVD from Pull-Ups. I will pass the DVD on to my girlfriend who will be starting to potty train her daughter soon. I subscribed to their mailing list to receive money saving coupons on Pull-Ups.
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