Disappointed at Shoppers last night or should I say this morning!

As you know, I planned my trip to Shoppers Food Warehouse with all of my $1 off coupons, so I could take advantage of their “double coupon” sale and get $2 off each product. I arrived around 11:10pm and was being rung up by 11:51pm. I know, because I got in line after the “10 minutes before closing” warning! The cashier took her time ringing me up. She looked at my coupons and immediately told me that they did not take Internet coupons. I was in disbelief, because all of my local grocers take Internet coupons. Some have limits, such as only up to a $1. So, I asked the supervisor that was standing by the self checkout and she confirmed this, along with a 2nd cashier that was listening in. I gave her everything that I had an Internet coupon for back and asked her to take it off of my transaction. I was not going to waste these valuable coupons and purchase the items for full price!

By the time she got to my Colgate coupon for $1 off, she told me that it had just expired a few minutes ago, because it was now after midnight. I asked her if she was being serious! This sounded like a joke to me. I reminded her that she started ringing me up before midnight. The coupon had an expiration date of 4/4/09 and now that the clock struck midnight, it was 4/5/09. The supervisor that was listening to our conversation looked over at me with an “oh well, too bad” look! I was not happy, between the rejection of my Internet coupons and now the cashier was telling me that my Colgate coupon expired a few minutes ago. I let it go, because it was late and they were now closed. Also, the supervisor was going along with everything the cashier was saying. I decided that I would take care of it during the day when the manager was available. Either way, I still walked away with a savings of $57.58 in coupons (54% savings)!

I called Shoppers this afternoon and spoke with the bookkeeper, Carol. She was great! I told her what had happened and also asked her about their Internet coupon policy. She told me that they take Internet coupons up to $1 and that the cashier should have taken the “expired” coupon, because she started ringing me up before midnight. Carol told me to come back in with all of my Internet coupons and my “expired” coupon and she would take care of me. So, for all of the Shoppers Food Warehouse shoppers out there, please remember that their policy is to take Internet coupons up to $1. Their cashiers and supervisors can verify this with their bookkeeper or manager. If you are shopping at the Waldorf, MD store, let them know that Carol (their bookkeeper) has verified this! :-) Update on 4/5/09: I went back and spoke with the manager at the customer service desk. She said that Carol told her what had happened and she also verified that they DO take Internet coupons up to $1. She said that the cashiers are suppose to know this and to come back to her if they tell me that I cannot use them. Well, wouldn't you know... my cashier told me that I could not use them. She called her supervisor over and guess who it was? The same supervisor that gave me that "oh well, too bad" look last night! She proceeded to also tell me that I could not use them. She told me that she knows, because she runs the front line. I continued to tell them who I talked to and that their manager on duty just told me that I could use them. The manager came over and confirmed that they DO take Internet coupons up to $1. There was still hesitation, so she took them out of the cashier's hands and started scanning them herself. The lady in charge of the front line just walked away. I hope she passes this information onto "her" front line!

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Janet Johnson said...

OMG! This would almost get me to the point of never shopping there again! Great savings though!

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