75% Off Easter Clearance at Target

Target has marked their Easter merchandise down to 75% off! This includes candy that you can enjoy now or save for making gingerbread houses in December. You can also stock up on stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers for next year, plastic eggs, etc. Some of the stores have Doodle Pros, Etch-a-Sketches, Little People toys and Tonka cars in the Easter section. Target will mark their merchandise down to 90% off soon (probably not be until this Sunday or Monday), so there may not be much to choose from at that time.

Tip: Look around the store for Easter merchandise as you shop through the store, especially by the scanners. Many people leave things at the scanner after scanning them. Also, the shop back carts (near customer service and/or the registers) with returned merchandise or items that customers changed their mind about at the register are a great place to find more Easter items!
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